Can you imagine the look of satisfaction of the BMW driver, seeing the person who cut them off get pulled over?

Presumed 559 resident and Redditor /u/ExtremeZestyclose435 posted up Teslacam footage from an infamously dangerous Fresno intersection, showing the harebrained moment a driver in a GMC Terrain tempted fate by cutting off a BMW and blasting through the intersection despite it turning red.

As my title hints at, you can guess what happens next.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Happy Ending. These people are the worst. [OC]
byu/ExtremeZestyclose435 inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened at the intersection of N Friant Rd. and E Shepard Ave. in Fresno (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

This location is so infamous that the exact intersection has a whole Youtube channel dedicated to incidents that happen there called Friant Roulette.

There most popular video is here.

As you can see in OP’s video, a driver in a white GMC Terrain is already tailgating a black BMW.

The Terrain driver is impatient, no doubt.

With no intention to slow, the Terrain driver swings left and cuts in front of the BMW SUV in their own lane.

Spurred on by drivers gunning it at the sight of the yellow light, the Terrain driver guns it, too, entering the intersection on red.

Of course, there’s a Fresno PD bike cop at this intersection as, three seconds later, we see them come into frame, undoubtedly chasing the offending red light runner to pull them over.

“Love it, went back and re-watched, and you can see the cop hiding in the trees on the right,” /u/Strixle pointed out.

A bike cop hides at the intersection of Shepard Ave and Friant Rd. in Fresno, CA.

In California, running a red light as egregiously as this is subject to a $400+ fine plus one point on your record.

I can only imagine the BMW driver LOL’d at themselves, seeing it all play out.

“This guy is not saving 10% or more on his car insurance,” /u/HybridOctopus humorously commented.

“Sure hope that stop and ticket was worth the minute or two saved by acting a fool,” /u/Helpful_Influence830 sarcastically added.

Seeing how infamous this intersection is, can’t blame police for camping out there.

Will local drivers learn?

Probably not.


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