If you’re wondering if a Prius can pull off a decent burnout, here’s proof.

A Stockton resident submitted shocking footage to Instagram’s 209 Times earlier yesterday (Oct. 7,2021) showing a Toyota Prius, still in gear, pinned to the curb, pulling off a burnout of epic proportions with his tire disintegrated to smithereens, bare metal contacting black asphalt.

Check out the video reposted on Reddit with sound below.

According to the witness’s caption, the Prius driver stopped and caught fire outside of Victory Park.

It’s not clear what caused this driver to keep his foot on the go-pedal while his car burst into flames, but they, and those in the comments, think he was unconscious because of a medical episode or most likely DUi.

Stockton is part of Central California aka Meth capital USA, so we can’t rule out drugs either.

You can hear that hybrid four-cylinder screaming its little pistons off to its governor limited 5,100 RPM redline.

While you don’t think 121 HP is enough to rip a mean burnout, remember these eco-machines have tires meant for low-rolling resistance, which means a smaller contact patch and less grip to overcome.

That driver must’ve been laying in on it for a while because he straight turned his tire into melting rubber and smoke.

A lot of the comments are berating the witness for not rushing to help. In this situation, it’s a toss-up. The car is clearly in drive, there’s fire, and it’s an active situation with lots of physics in play.

It might be a Prius but it’s still 1.5 tons of rolling metal that, when dislodged from its fiery burnout, might aim all its energy at you.

Beyond calling 911, shouting at the man to “Hey, wake-up!” and finding a fire extinguisher once the engine blows, with that Prius still in drive, avoiding a dangerous situation, ala Falstaff, is sometimes the sensible thing to do.


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