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Only in Stockton: Prius driver sets his car on fire unknowingly pulling off epic...

If you're wondering if a Prius can pull off a decent burnout, here's proof. A Stockton resident submitted shocking footage to Instagram's 209 Times...
Lawn mower prius battery

Can I use a lawn mower battery in a Toyota Prius to replace the...

Why spend 10 times more on a special AGM 12-volt when a regular 12-volt battery might do? Since Toyota started making its best-selling Toyota Prius...

What a Toyota Prius sounds like without catalytic converters because someone stole them

If you're a Toyota Prius owner, hear this sound, and don't have comprehensive insurance, get ready to shell out up to $2,500 or more. TikTok...

This is why the Toyota Prius glove box has a notch that fits a...

Toyota engineers don't advocate drinking and driving, and yet this notch fits most wine bottles perfectly. I came across a curious coincidence that might...
Urbana hit and run

Urbana Toyota Prius hit and run suspect tried to hide his damaged car with...

This Urbana, Illinois Toyota Prius owner coincidentally hit and totaled a parked Toyota Prius. A bit of amateur sleuthing and a trail of evidence...
garden on top of a Prius

Toyota Prius owner drives around with a real deal mini garden on its roof

This Toyota Prius owner's living garden strapped to the top of his roof doesn't make sense, but at the same time, makes perfect sense. This...
California Prius Jerk

Unhinged Prius driver near Mulholland Drive allegedly stops and slows to a crawl

This holier-than-thou Toyota Prius driver filmed allegedly stopping and slowing to a snail's pace on a beautiful Sunday drive is why we give a...
towing prius

Yes, you can probably tow with a Toyota Prius, why you’ll assume all responsibility

Toyota specifically says in their owner's manuals for the new Toyota Prius that they don't recommend you tow with this hybrid, but, why can...
Prius M61

This coffee company mounted an M61 Gatling-style rotary cannon on a Toyota Prius

If you see this Toyota Prius bearing down on you in the left lane, you'd better signal and get out of the way! The M61...
Toyota Prius AWD

2019 Toyota Prius will now come with All-Wheel Drive

It looks like some off-roading credentials are headed the Prius's way, one of the least off-roadworthy vehicles in its lineup. It was bound to happen,...
Prius V

Toyota getting ahead of the curve, issues recall on possible stalling Toyota Prius V

If you own a 2012-2014 Toyota Prius V, expect to see a recall notice in your mailbox. It looks like 'tis the season for stalling...
UK green plates

America needs this: Green license plates for EVs and low emission vehicles

The UK government is calling these new green license plates a badge of honor. Here's why this idea needs to come to the United...

USC students want their president to drive a Prius, which is wrong

The USC Environmental advocacy group ECore hosted a "Do Better" rally on their campus last week and want its president to drive a Toyota...
Prius crash

This student driver in a Prius crashed into the DMV during her test

The worst case scenario you can do in a driving test is crash through the DMV, which is exactly what this poor student driver...
jerk Prius

Jerk Prius driver stops right turn only lane thanks to his entitlement

A Prius driver whose feels entitled enough to not follow the rules of the road? *gasp* I've never heard of such a thing. I usually...

Watch This Toyota Prius Riding A K-Rail For Some Odd Reason

This Oregonian spotted a Toyota Prius nonchalantly driving on a K-Rail like everything was fine. If there's one demographic of the car community that contributes...
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