If you know what was under the hub caps of the previous gen Prius, you have a good idea what’s under these.

With a new generation making their way to dealership lots, a question you’ll probably have is did Toyota downgrade the Prius LE to steel wheels and, if so, what do they look like under the wheel covers?

The cat’s been out of the bag for several months now and I can confirm that the United States market Prius LE will not come with steel wheels but will come with 17-inch alloys covered by an aero wheel cover as per usual.

Here are the official specs from Toyota.

Prius LE wheel and tire specs.

So, what do they look like under the wheel covers?

Thanks to a thread on Prius Chat (found here) we know exactly what they look like.

And, here’s a closeup from a Reddit thread.

They’re all black!

Here’s a video linked in the thread, too.

Since they’re all black, in my opinion, they do look marginally better sans hubcap compared to last gen’s Prius but still look better with the aero wheel covers on.

And, if and when the wheel covers fly off (because they’re not lug nut secured) the alloys underneath look good enough that you can rock them as is until you fork over money for a replacement.

In comparison, this is what the previous generation looked like underneath.

It’s worth noting that, while technically the US Market Prius comes with alloys, it might not be the same in other markets.

A 2023 Toyota Prius LE was recently spotted on top of a delivery truck in Mexico and that Prius was sporting steel wheels.

Toyota is not known to use transport wheels so, in other markets, the Prius LE might come stock with slightly heavier steelies instead of alloys.

But, as for us Americans, it’s alloys for all trim levels.


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