This Oregonian spotted a Toyota Prius nonchalantly driving on a K-Rail like everything was fine.

If there’s one demographic of the car community that contributes to a large percentage of automotive oddities on the daily it’s Toyota Prius drivers, specifically those found in the good ol’ Pacific Northwest. According to our hilarious friends over at Left Lane Prius earlier today (Mar. 24, 2017) one Oregonian spotted a rogue Toyota Prius driving nonchalantly on a K-Rail like nothing was wrong. Check out the video of the offending Prius driver below!

According to Andy Khar’s post he was driving along, ironically in a Toyota (Sienna btw…) in the the left lane when a Prius driving in the emergency break down lane caught his eye. Not only was the Prius moving at speed but was perched at almost a 45 degree angle on the K-rail putting along like nothing was wrong.

Thanks to the inherent characteristics of a Jersey barrier, colloquially known as a K-rail, its design was specifically intended to minimize damage of cars that got into collisions with the center dividing barriers as well as preventing those cars from jumping into opposing lanes of traffic. The slope of the barriers allows a vehicles tires to ride up on the slope of the barrier, redirecting a car’s momentum away from traffic on the other side.

Drive up slow enough onto the barrier and you can very well manage to drive up onto the K-Rail at an angle like this Toyota Prius.

Towards the end of the video we catch a glimpse of what looks like a Honda Accord parked on the emergency lane, the full width of the car and its four wheels not protruding into the left lane. The breakdown lane, in this case, can fit a full size vehicle without issue so the need for this particular Prius to drive up onto the barrier still boggles the mind.

We’re just throwing out a theory here so bear with us. Oregon is one of 8 states, as of March 23, that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Perhaps this Prius driver might’ve partook in an early morning “hit” and realized he still had to make it to work in a couple of hours. As for the real reason, we’ll never know as the keywords “Prius+barrier+Oregon” bring up no news stories on the interweb search engines. Until then we’ll continue to monitor the comments on this video and update you with the latest from this truly strange driving video.


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