This Urbana, Illinois Toyota Prius owner coincidentally hit and totaled a parked Toyota Prius. A bit of amateur sleuthing and a trail of evidence led right back to him.

Anyone who attempts hit and run is one hundred percent scum in my book so when you pull off a hit and run like this Urbana, Illinois Toyota Prius owner did, you’re scum just begging to get caught. According to Imgur user CorruptCU and a viral image gallery making the rounds earlier today (July 10, 2019) thanks to his amateur sleuthing skills and a bit of help from fellow Urbana citizens, he was able to find and identify the hit and run suspect in a matter of days.

Strap in, because the story’s pretty juicy. Click through the gallery below.

WCGW if I destroy someone’s car and try to camouflage the evidence with a blanket?

The long story short of it is his neighbor’s street-parked Toyota Prius was totaled overnight. What a feeling it is to wake up to your car totaled with no explanation.

But, like a lot of hit and run suspects, the act of hit and run leaves behind evidence, mainly pieces of their own car, which, in this case, was coincidentally another Toyota Prius.

Check out this surveillance footage he provides in his post above.

As mentioned, a couple of neighbors in the vicinity noticed a damaged Prius with missing parts matching what was left behind. Adding insult to injury, the suspect really tried to hide the damage on his own Prius with a blanket. A blanket!

Casing out the house, they managed to run into the suspect, and force a confession out of him, only after he lied one more time.

As per the story

I believe they issued multiple citations and he will have to go to court.

The next time you even think of attempting hit and run shortly after an accident, know that there are cameras watching you from all angles whether you like it or not. Add the ubiquity of apps like Ring, Nextdoor, and Facebook groups for your particular area and, sooner or later, hit and run drivers get caught.

Don’t be an idiot. Fess up to your crimes, take it like a man, learn a lesson, and don’t run.

Have you been a victim of a hit and run only to find the suspect shortly after? Let me know what happened in the comments below?


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