It’s true, the same guys that make drop-in and lifetime air filters for your Honda Civic now make filters you can put in your house.

When I saw online that I could swap in a K&N panel filter to replace my regular WalMart-spec panel filter, I thought it was a joke. But, according to the press release they dropped earlier this year and a quick search on Amazon, I found out that K&N does indeed make HVAC Panel air filters.

K&N has been making filtration products for cars since 1969, so, naturally, in an effort to expand their product lineup and what they learned from cars to other areas, house filtration seems like a logical next step.

A look on Amazon reveals they’ve got a whole lineup of filters for your home to fit your system.

As per their press release, they’ve only been selling panel filters since March, so this is a fairly new item for them.

 Five decades of filtration expertise have now been applied to a brand-new product for the home—K&N’s Lifetime Washable Home Air Filters. K&N home furnace/air conditioning filters are designed to provide outstanding filtration and dust capacity for long-life performance.

Like all reusable premium air-filtration products, this one costs a pretty penny, $60 for just one. Not to mention the cleaning solution, another $15 a bottle. You can probably get away with cheaper Simple Green in a pinch but don’t quote me on that.

Consider that you can get a regular HVAC panel filter of the same size from WalMart for under $5.

If you’re the type of person who rarely uses their HVAC system at home, this is probably not for you.

But, if you use copious amounts of air conditioning during the summer, have pets, and switch out panel air filters every three months like you’re supposed to, if cleaned properly, this K&N panel filter pays for itself after a few years.

Also, there’s the novelty of it all. If you’re the type of dude who gets a kick out of the possibility of dropping, “Yo, my house has a K&N…no, foreals” on house guests, this panel air filter is also for you. You’ll probably have to keep the box to prove it, but still, K&N man!

Would you buy a K&N HVAC house filter? Let me know in the comments below.


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