A truck going the opposite direction captured the egregious act of road rage on his dashcam when a dump truck dragged a small car for close to half a mile on Highway 50 in Brampton, Ontario.

Earlier yesterday (July 9, 2019) an 88-year old Brampton man succumbed to his injuries when he was struck by a dump truck at the intersection of Highway 50 and Cottrelle Blvd. Now, thanks to corroborating dash cam footage from Heavy Tow operator Sonny Subra, we have shocking footage showing the dump truck pushing the victim’s car at a tremendous rate of speed with no signs of slowing down.

Check out the disturbing act of road rage below.

In the video, you can see just how fast that dump truck was going. Smoke from the tiny sedan’s tires scrubbing in the opposite direction, doing little to slowing the dump truck down, adds to the culpability of this dump truck driver in the untimely passing of the driver trapped in front of him.

I can only imagine how frightened and helpless that man must’ve felt in that moment, powerless against an angry dump truck operator that simply wouldn’t stop.

According to a report from the Brampton Guardian shortly after the incident

…it appears the sedan was struck while turning left onto Cottrelle Boulevard.

Here’s a view of that busy intersection on Google Maps below.

As of this writing, it is not clear who was at fault and what the lights were at the moment of impact.

However, what is clear is the intent and actions of the dump truck driver after the fact.

Dragging a car for close to 750 meters is no mere accident, and, pending an official investigation, is being called extreme road rage.

As per police, 

“Highway 50 is an 80 km/h zone,” Const. Danny Marttini said. “Unfortunately, people tend to push the limit faster than necessary just because they’re in a higher speed limit.”

People on the road can get the best of you and getting frustrated behind the wheel is understandable. But, by no means does that mean taking advantage of someone helpless in front of you just because you’re in a larger vehicle, in this case, to the point of losing a life. Road rage like that is never justifiable.

Hopefully, the law prosecutes this dump truck driver to the fullest extent.

Inexcusable behavior as a human.

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