This Toyota Prius owner’s living garden strapped to the top of his roof doesn’t make sense, but at the same time, makes perfect sense.

This Prius owner really is putting the rest of the Prius community to shame with his 100 percent utilization of otherwise empty rooftop space. According to Andrew Pierson in a post he shared with Facebook Car group Oppositetalk earlier yesterday (May 8. 2019) he was surprised to find what a thriving herb garden strapped to the roof of this street parked Toyota Prius

Check out the garden spotting below.


At first glance, like a couple of others in the Facebook group, I had my doubts that this mini garden was actually permanent. Upon closer inspection, you can see this thing is zip tied on all four corners to a Yakima roof rack.

You’ll also notice a curved piece of plastic smack dab in the front, just tall enough to cover what looks like tufts of lemongrass. It looks like this setup’s fairly effective for short trips around town but I’m fairly certain this mini garden won’t stand a chance on the open highway.

With pockets of air scooping every which way into any open space, if that mixture of earth isn’t compacted tight, his mini garden will surely blind the car behind it with a steady stream of tiny plants and pebbles.

Frankly, barring any danger it poses to other vehicles, I rather like this living roof. As mentioned, most roof space goes unused, anyway, so why not fill it with something useful?

My only suggestion is to secure his plastic bed a little better. I can only imagine the scratches to the paint under the lucite case.

I really hope this living roof survives come harvest time and doesn’t get vandalized by some loon.

What do you think about this rolling herb garden? Do you think they’ll eventually get pulled over? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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