If you want a sneak peek of what Season 15 of Fast N’ Loud has in store, this unfortunate crash will probably be in a couple of episodes.

Even before Season 15 of Fast N’ loud kicks off it looks like there’s already a bit of drama for the Texas gear heads from Gas Monkey Garage. In a series of photos they shared with their fans earlier today (May. 10,2019) their beloved 600 HP square body C10 they built back in 2015, auctioned, and then auctioned again, suffered an accident and we’ll probably see it get rebuilt in this upcoming season.

Check out the photos for yourself below.

As an aside, can you believe that Fast N’ Loud is ramping up for its 15th season because, as the post above hints at, an all-new season is ready to début this coming July.

Anyway, deadset fans of the show remember back in Season 8 when, after wrapping up this epic C10 build, they donated this square body to the Cattle Baron’s ball. As per Route66, it was a final bid by partner Dennis Collins that bailed them out at the last minute given just how low the bids were.

Shortly after, that truck was auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson for a steal, just $45,100.00.

Well, it looks like this truck’s making an appearance once again for this upcoming season. Gas Monkey Garage really is teasing us with the “we might have to scrape this one” bit, but, as many commenters are pointing out, this accident looks plenty fixable.

It looks like this C10 might’ve pulled out of an intersection prematurely and some car side-swiped its front fender. The frame’s damaged and the engine’s pushed back a tad but, nothing a frame straightener and some fresh paint can’t fix.

After all, these guys were the ones who resurrected a Ferrari F40 from near extinction. That Ferrari was quite the gamble at $400,000 and then another $300,000 for repairs,

Fixing a ladder frame truck is like shooting fish in a barrel for these Dallas boys.

Are you tuning in for Season 15? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: Gas Monkey Garage


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