Did you know that Mazda has one official Mazda 6 convertible and, if you’re in Japan near Tokyo, you can maybe see it on parade?

I’ve heard about Mazda’s only 6 convertible and even read a piece about it thanks to Car and Driver but just recently I was scrolling through Twitter and there it was. It looks like Mazda washed and waxed up its Mazda Atenza (as it’s called in Japan) convertible and took it out and around Tokyo as part of a traffic safety parade.

Check out the photos for yourself below.

According to the story by Car Watch, this famous Japanese actress who once played a female police officer became the Marunouchi Police Station’s ceremonial Chief for the day. Shiraishi Ayane, the actress in question, took her duties for the day quite seriously, waving to passersbys, presumably taking photos, and reading an official traffic safety declaration which included notable highlights like “Elderly people should be encouraged to wear bright clothing.” Exciting stuff.

As an aside, if you ever watch the Japanese dubbed version of Alita Battle Angel, she’s the voice of Rose Salazar. I mean, she’s had more important roles in Japan, but, that’s probably the only role you come across of her work here in the United States.

To car enthusiasts, the highlight of the aforementioned pareade was that sweet Mazda 6 convertible. It’s actually quite a marvel of Mazda engineering. Mazda has a blog post about the entire process here. 

You’d think they simply took a Sawzall to the roof, cleaned up the edges, and called it a day. You couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This is Mazda, people. They can’t put out a hack job.

In total, it took six months to get it right which included, yes hacking off the roof. Six months might sound like a long time but for a car company that has to work with multiple departments, that is an extremely short amount of time.

One of the most important modifications included strengthening in key places. Mazda has done such a good job that you literally have to be guided where those key reinforcements are.

Keen eyes will notice that people riding in the back are sitting on a specially designed seat complete with seatbelts and a raised platform. Also, the hoop in front of them serves as a grab handle so they can stand and wave at the same time.

Originally, this convertible was made for the local Japanse Baseball team, the Carps, but I suppose when it’s not baseball season or the Carps don’t have parade duties, other officials around the area can ask to use it.

With that large hoop and four doors, this Mazda 6 convertible is unique, to say the least.

I wonder how fast you can go in it.

What do you think about this sweet 6? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.

Source: Car Watch


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