If you ever wonder how some people manage to drive around in Aventadors, the truth is a good chunk of them are basically renting them, like this one for $6,500 a month.

What do you do if you want to live the Lamborghini lifestyle, don’t want to drive around in an older model like a Gallardo, but can’t really afford to finance a new one. According to @RoyaltyExoticCars and their latest post on Instagram earlier today (Apr. 10, 2019) well, you can lease one for the relatively affordable $6,500 a month. Check out their post below.

New Aventadors retail for around $420,000 for a base model with most around half a million and, believe it or not, are financed a lot like your run of the mill Toyota Corollas. While most pay for them upfront in one lump sum, financing is a thing.

According to a very cursory search on Lamborghini-Talk to find some examples of financing, I’ve come across a hypothetical, yet realistic financing plan if you want to own your Aventador. Basically, you’d have to put down $100,000 financing about $6,300 a month for the next six years. That’s an entirely different ballpark these guys are playing in.

But, say you want to flex for a year, then the lease I’ve posted above is an option. Sure, you’d have to put down an enormous $45,000 and the $6,500 a month, but, you’re not stuck paying for your Aventador for the next five years because it’s just a lease or a very long rental if you will.

Since it’s a lease, there are terms, mainly a mileage one where you can only drive for 7,000 miles but honestly very few real Aventador owners drive them that much anyways. About 590 miles a month, on average, is enough to get you around town, blast down whatever the equivalent of Beverly Hills is for you, and maybe go on one long trip if you budget your mileage right.

If you want to flex for just a day or even for just four hours, Royal Exotic Cars has rates for that as well.

Renting exotic cars for a long time A.K.A. leasing is definitely a thing so that’s basically what you can expect if you want to lease something that’s originally half a million.

Source: Royalty Exotic Cars


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