This BMW E46 car enthusiast with a heavily modified coupe for drifting got a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the cast of the Grand Tour, took it, and became a local legend as a result.

Here’s a story that’ll certainly put a smile on your face. Thanks to a Reddit thread that popped up earlier today (Apr. 10,2019) we now have the back story of how this BMW E46 modded with a turbo sticking out the hood managed to drag race James May and his BMW M850 and landed a very iconic moment on The Grand Tour. As per car owner and Youtuber Akaki Khmaladze knowing that The Grand Tour was rolling very close to where he lived in Georgia (the country, mind you) he hopped in his BMW E46 drift car and chased after the triumvirate.

Check out the thread and video below.

Nice guy with a modded e46 randomly gets into The Grand Tour from r/cars

If you didn’t watch the video above, Akaki describes how he chases, catches up to James May and does a couple of throttle blips, which, by the way, look and sound fantastic. Not wanting to bother the filming crew anymore than is polite, he backs off. But then the unthinkable happens, James May does the universal signal to drag race which is basically a hand gesturing forward while looking at you. Every car enthusiast worth their salt knows exactly what that means.

Although they don’t ACTUALLY drag race in the truest sense of the term, they do give it the beans a couple of times and boy is it the stuff of legends: old vs. new, young vs. old, car enthusiast vs. May, you can’t script this stuff.

What’s better is he’s uploaded the in-car footage from his drift car as well. From his basic camera setup, it’s quite something else to see James May driving by you from the cockpit of a drift BMW.

And here’s what this drifting gentleman looks like next to his BMW kitted out with full livery.

Bravo to you Akaki for taking your shot when you could. It’s not everday that someone gets the chance to drive next to James May, no less drag racing him.

Deadset legend.

Source: Reddit


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