“Let’s hope the car owner doesn’t mind I used his car for a instagram pic lol. ” Yah, if you could not do that, that’d be greaaaat.”

I don’t know what makes these insufferable influencers see the hood of a six-figure car and think, “Oh, a park bench!” but it’s a trend that’s showing no signs of slowing. According to a Reddit thread that popped up on the aptly named “Idiots in Cars” earlier today (June 24,2020) a photo of a woman posing on the hood of a Yellow Lamborghini Huracan was submitted with the asinine comment, “Let’s hope the car owner doesn’t mind.” Know, I might be wrong, but my spidey senses are telling me no Huracan owner, in their right mind, would let some ripped-jean clad, sweaty palmed, purse-slinging influencer possibly dent their Italian Exotic.

Anyway, here’s the Reddit thread below and the offending post on Instagram.

Is an idiot on a car ok? from r/IdiotsInCars

Taken less than two weeks ago near THe Harbour Club in Amsterdam we can see the Netherlands-based “influencer” @NoorBourach (A.K.A. Noor Boufrach) exerting the entire weight of her body and bahonkus on the hood of that poor Lamborghini.

Her comments section was full of simps, without the ba**s to call her out. One of them commented,

They might take you with the car after seeing how well you sit with it.. looking good on that hood😍❤️.


A quick search of the license plate (PP-534-B) brings up some information. This is a MY 2017 Lamborghini Huruacan. In the United States, these exotics have a $260,000+ MSRP, that is, before you add options, taxes, and, fees.

Redditor @2Mellow-Trip summed up my sentiments for me,

I’d make her hand wash the whole d*** car. I understand taking pictures of nice cars I have too, but I never understood why people pose on them. Like it’s not your car, you’re admitting it’s not your car. Who are you trying to impress?

Influencers, it’s never OK to sit on the hood of someone’s car without their permission and, even if they give you permission, it’s not worth the risk of you possibly denting it.

Posing next to it, OK. Popping a rap squat in front of it, sure, but don’t touch it!


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