CHP gave the bicyclist more than enough of a chance to cycle to the nearest exit but enough was enough.

This more than likely homeless dude on a bike gave absolutely zero “you know whats” as he led CHP and Sacramento police on a multi-mile chase down Highway 99 in the Sacramento area. Sacramento resident Amanda Svoboda, stuck behind police, captured the majority of the chase including the inevitable confrontation and take down.

Here’s the link to Amanda’s original video but, since she flipped it to portrait mode 12 seconds in, I’ve flipped the video for you and re-uploaded her vid below. Just fast forward a couple of seconds. \

As we can see in the video, police are following close behind this cyclist. The biker’s clearly “on one” because it is touching 100 degrees and this dude not only has a hoodie on, he’s pedaling his little heart out.

Police are giving him a wide berth, making sure that he pedals towards the 12th Avenue exit just a quarter of a mile away. Police, coming from the opposite direction, confront the biker, making sure he doesn’t make it any further than he already has.

Amanda’s tickled pink, giggling at the spectacle playing out before her. A couple of minutes later, police flag her by.

Here’s that location on Google Maps.

While it’s uncommon to walk on the highway due to vehicle troubles, someone huffing it to the nearest service station, someone pedaling away on the highway on a bike is another issue. In fact, walking on the highway because of a car breakdown is the only legal reason someone has to be sauntering along on the side of the freeway.

If you see someone high off their mind pedaling away on the freeway, call 911 A.S.A.P and let them know where you spotted this person. An inattentive driver might not be as attentive as you and accidently run into this biker.


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