This is not the problem you want with a $100,000 car.

The Blackwing engine in specific platforms was supposed to be a return to form for Cadillac but it looks like they might’ve saved themselves from shooting themselves in the foot. According to a GM Tech on Instagram, @Daddyoftwo__, he’s got a customer’s $100,000 Cadillac CT6-V in his bay with a problem that requires a whole new engine swap.

This isn’t any ordinary engine, this is a hand-built turbocharged Blackwing V8 engine that only six master engine builders in all of Cadillac can make. And since it’s hand-built, you bet he will wait a couple of days (if not weeks) for a replacement engine.

Check out his TikTok video below.


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To make matters worse for Cadillac, this allegedly is not an isolated issue as several other dealerships are going through the same thing.

“Actually. There are many other people having the same problems with these engines. Not just us. I heard a couple others from different dealerships they’re having the same problem.

The reason?

Injector 1 stayed open and flooded the engine. Called Tac and they just said replace it. And since there’s no timing on it. It’s straight time and should cost around $21,000 for a brand new one.

While the CT6 was initially available with a pair of turbocharged four-cylinders and V6s, for 2019 Cadillac equipped the CT6 with these special Blackwing engines.

Cadillac only made 800 of these special CT6s, CT6-Vs included.

To be honest, I would be unbelievably upset at Cadillac if I financed over $100,000 on a premium vehicle only to be told my engine’s kaput. This is not even the first year for the CT6, first making its debut in 2016.

Hopefully Cadillac engineers sort out this issue A.S.A.P. Imagine after swapping in this engine, they have a similar issue!


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