The behind-the-wheel drive tests will temporarily be shorter and protective coverings inside your vehicle will be added.

Despite an imminent second wave of Covid-19 cases in California, the DMV is soldiering on, doing its best to provide testing and services including behind-the-wheel tests, resuming as of this writing. According to the DMV in a press release put out earlier this week (June 22, 2020) the overall behind-the-wheel test will be shorter and modifications to protect the DMV employee and test taker will be added before testing begins.

Click here to see the full press release for yourself or click on their tweet below.

The DMV’s first priority is clearing a backlog of appointments, canceled or recently placed. If your appointment was canceled, you need not reschedule as you’ll automatically be rescheduled for a later date.

If you attempt to schedule a new appointment, you most likely won’t be able to however, new appointments will be available sometime this Summer.

If your driving permit expired, it looks like the DMV will cut you some slack, but you must fill out a new online application before you visit and check-in 30 minutes before your test time.

All behind-the-wheel test takers must wear masks during testing and will have their temperature read prior to getting behind the wheel. In addition, protective coverings will be placed on the passenger floorboard and on the seat to protect the test proctor.

Also, windows must be rolled down to increase airflow. That means if your windows are broken and cannot roll down, you cannot use that vehicle to test.

Here’s the most important part test takers want to hear.

The DMV is also making changes to expedite the testing process and increase the number of exams it can administer each day, including shortening the testing route in many locations. The test routes will be long enough to adequately determine driving knowledge and safety skills. The DMV is also expanding the hours when tests are conducted, including Saturday service for drive tests in some high-volume locations, and adding more examiners.

The question is, will a shorter test be an easier test? Maybe. It looks like the DMV test taker will go through a similar, if not the same checklist they always go through, except the test will be much more concentrated.

These California DMV employees are going above and beyond the call of duty, putting themselves within inches of you so you can get your license. If you’re taking this modified “behind the wheel test” it would behoove you to heed all instructions, listen to directions, and, be as accommodating to your test proctor as possible. If it means kindly making room for place mats on your floorboards, so be it.


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