Lamborghini has a new supercar called the Sian but it looks like no one can pronounce it properly. Here’s how.

Lamborghini Sian is actually spelled Siån and it’s pronounced “Shh-ahnn.” Yup, you pronounce Siån like the name Sean or Shawn paying special attention to your ‘a’ sound.

You do not pronounce Siån as Sy-anne, See-an, or any variation of that.

The key to pronouncing the Siån is to know how to say that letter a with a circle above it otherwise known as å. To practice pronouncing å, try to sound out an ‘a’ sound, your mouthing forming a circle.

According to a Word Reference thread on the matter, 

It’s almost like “o” in the English words “more”, “fore”, “door” etc.

Putting that all together, practice saying the name Sean or Shawn but keep your mouth open in a circle with the letter ‘a’ sound. You’ll feel silly but this is so you can one-up people, so get it right!

Don’t believe me? Don’t take my word for it, this pronunciation guide comes from Top Gear UK

Let’s start with the name. Siån. It translates as ‘flash of lightning’ in Bolognese dialect. But with that funny squiggle, you may be thrown as how to say it. Sy-anne? See-an? Well, it’s pronounced ‘Shh-ahnn’.

So, there you have it.

The next time you hear someone bring up Lamborghini’s new supercar and they try to pronounce Siån, you’ll be able to school them in the correct pronunciation.

Now, the real question is if this Siån was an actual fighting bull since most, if not all Lamborghini’s have fighting bulls as their namesake.

Do you have an easier way to pronounce Siån? Do you know if Siån was an actual fighting bull? Let me know in the comments below.


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