Mazda’s Miata restoration program has moved along since Mazda announced the program delivering four refreshed Miatas

Remember back in 2017 when Mazda announced its Japan-only restoration program just for Miatas. Well, I checked on their progress, mainly how many Miatas they’ve restored, and according to their official update page, they’ve already delivered four, which presumably means they’re now on refreshing Mazda Miata number five.

Check out a gallery of photos from their latest delivery below.

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To refresh your memory, the first restored Mazda Miata, a 1992 Neo Green one, rolled off their assembly line on August 9, 2018.

Mazda delivered a 1990 Neo Green Miata a few months later on January 22, 2019.

The third Miata, delivered on April 8, 2019, was not a Neo Green Miata but an old school 1989 Classic Red one.

This latest one, delivered on July 10, 2019, is, you guessed it, a 1992 Neo Green Mazda Miata V-Special.

You can read through the official restoration history here.

It looks like this owner has a special attachment to a set of non-OEM wire-spoke wheels as per his request, non-OEM wheels were not fitted.

Most of the restoration work was in the interior where Mazda master craftsmen laid out new seat material and stuffed those seats with new foam to bring back that brand new firmness.

They applied a new coat of neo green paint to the body, masterfully applied by paint specialists.

Under the hood, Mazda engine techs removed the engine, completely disassembled, and restored to 100 percent OEM condition. I’m sure the owner will hear and feel the difference a freshened engine gives.

The delivery photos embedded above speak for themselves. How awesome it must’ve been to come back to your car like the first day you took delivery in 1991.

There’s no word from Mazda if they’ll expand the program with more cars and staff but it looks like for the time being it’s just Miatas rolling off their restoration line, months apart.

It’s probably been mentioned before, but I think it’d behoove other carmakers to follow suit.

In the age of digital this and wireless that, it’s comforting to know that if you want and have enough money, you can return to your first analog love.

Kudos Mazda.


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