Austin Harmon aka @austin_Harmon30 has since turned switched his Instagram to private after social media backlash.

Austin Harmon, a Denver-based Instagram influencer who goes by @Austin_Harmon30 on the popular social media app, is in hot water after he presumably got someone to film him driving in downtown Denver and using his super loud Lamborghini exhaust to wake up a homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk.

Check out a video of his video going viral for all the wrong reasons below.

The incident occurred near the intersection of Chestnut Pl. and 17th St. just outside the newly opened Blazing Bird.

In the video, we can see Harmon in his purple wrapped Lamborghini Huracán pull up right beside a sleeping homeless person slumped on the sidewalk’s edge.

Then, for a good eight seconds, Harmon revs his 2000 HP Huracan, the exhaust pipes less than three feet from the poor dude’s ears.

We see the homeless man immediately perk up, bothered by the echoing volley of exhaust noises assaulting his eardrums.

According to the DOD’s Hearing Center for Excellence, exposure to sounds 85 decibels or louder can cause permanent hearing damage.

Stock Lamborghinis can hit 100 decibels easy and, seeing how Harmon’s is modified, his exhaust has to be so much louder than stock.

Powerless against Harmon’s revs, the homeless man can do nothing but wait it out.

Satisfied that he’s got his “viral” clip, Harmon stops revving and leaves.

Since Harmon’s video went up earlier this week and after receiving all sorts of deservedly nasty comments on his disgusting behavior, Harmon’s since made his Instagram private, reportedly deleting photos and videos of his purple-wrapped Huracan.

If you have any doubts if this is Harmon or not, here are a handful of posts on Facebook pointing to the former.

“For people who say it’s motivating, Clearly you never hit rock bottom,” Ozan A. commented on TikTok. “When you’re at ground zero, that’s humiliation hardco**. Offer him a job and a clean outfit.”

“A self-made millionaire would never do something that low, the car’s either hired or given by his parents.”

“I hope this is scripted. If not, this is absolutely disgusting,” another commented.

Although it’s possible, like all things influencer on the internet, that this is scripted, commenters (myself included) are leaning towards this being real.

For one, he would’ve called it out as such if that were actually the case.

And, from the looks of it, the guy does look down-on-his-luck homeless, all his possessions being used as a pillow/resting cushion and all.

Regardless, it’s appalling behavior to brag about and, like so many comment seeing the video, I hope karma does its thing.

h/t – reddit

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