Rents a 2WD car in a snowy area, complains when she gets stuck.

Note: Featured photo is NOT the actual Altima Molly rented.

There are often two sides to every bad review and, in the case of this Colorado-area Turo host’s Nissan Altima one-star review I found browsing Facebook’s Big Altima Energy group, that seems to be the case.

This presumed tourist rented out their Nissan Altima, drove the poor thing up to Aspen, Colorado’s deep countryside in the middle of winter, and, as any Aspen native can surmise, got stuck mid-trip.

After getting towed out and returning the Altima to the host, Molly, self-identified as the renter, had the nerve to leave a one-star review blaming the host’s car saying, “the car was not suitable for the roads/weather conditions.”

Since Turo host’s practically need perfect ratings for a chance to be somewhat successful on the popular car sharing app, they left a perfectly worded clap back pointing out the error of Molly’s ways.

Check out the hilarious, facepalm inducing one-star review and reply below.

“There isn’t a Nissan Altima that has ever been manufactured that is ideal for winter conditions in Aspen,” his comment reads.

“That car was in good condition for her to drive it up the mountain to Apsen, however I would never rent a FWD car to go explore the backcountry of Aspen, Colorado in the winter.

To give you an idea of how wild Aspen’s countryside can get, check out this video of said area traversed by vehicles and drivers up to the task.

The Aspen countryside

Reading comments on the thread, I found this review, and some commenters think an Altima’s well suited for a bit of a romp in the snow.

‘I’ve taken my Altima through the Rockies in Alberta for years,” Evan Suclin commented. “Logging roads, dirt roads, pebbled creek beds. Actually handles decently alright. Wouldn’t take it on signed 4×4 trails, but I’ve never come close to stuck. This sounds like user error.”

In all likelihood this Altima had decent all-seasons, good enough for the drive up but not ideal once you drive off-road, which is what it sounds like Molly did.

While, as Suclin hints at, an Altima can handle decently off the beaten path, experience is probably a must, a prerequisite Molly probably didn’t have.

I mean, look at this video of an Altima driver stuck on some pretty driveable snow, and this one’s got AWD!

Turo renters headed up to Aspen, beware, just because your rental can make it up to the high-altitude, snowy clime doesn’t necessarily mean you can drive through anything.


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