This $19.95 U-Haul rental ended up costing a lot more.

Big Altima Energy Facebook group member Zack Madden shared several photos of a new-ish Chevrolet Silverado U-Haul rental being returned to this Nashville, TN U-Haul Center, except it’s not just being returned, business as usual.

This Silverado arrived at the back of a flat bed after, what looks like, being stolen mid-rental, spray-painted black, and driven around for, according to the bill, 40+ days before presumably being recovered (particulars of the recovery unknown.)

Check out his photos below.

This stolen Silverado was returned to the U-Haul Center at 121 Moving Center Ct Nashville, Tennessee.
Over-spray visible in the wheel wells.
Missed a couple of spots.
From 100 feet away, it looks like a normal, flat black Chevrolet Silverado.
The Murano floor mats are a nice touch.

“It takes some real Big Altima Energy to steal a U-Haul and spray paint it black,” Madden captioned his photo gallery with.

Whoever stole this U-Haul Silverado did a pretty thorough job re-spraying this Silverado from U-Haul white to single coat flat black but, as the tire well and rocker panel close-ups show, there was clearly a lack of prep work.

And, here’s the bill before the damage estimator adds (1) full paint strip and re-spray to the bill.

That’s a lot of extra miles, sir.

With $1640 in rental charges and U-Haul’s $40/day extra days added fee, that works out to 41 extra days this truck’s been driving around.

“You went 5,375 miles over the 48 included miles at $0.00 per mile,” the bill reads.

At $1 per mile, that’s another $5,375 added, or over half the bill’s total.

Add the wrong Dropoff, Safe protection, fuel, $5 environmental fee, and taxes, and the bill for this car thief’s multi-week joyride, before the rental deposit, totaled $9,499.97.

Although a different color, this truck stuck out like a sore thumb.

Fellow Nashville resident and BAE group member Merrill Mow coincidentally spotted the truck thief filling up at a Shell and had the presence of mind to snap a photo.

Photo Credit: Merril Mow

I presume whoever originally rented the truck and stiffed with the comically astronomical bill won’t be responsible for all those charges.

Despite being a different color, the truck appears to be in decent shape, not damaged, and probably won’t be totaled.

Ultimately, the cost for repairs is something for U-Haul’s corporate insurance to suss out.

According to Insurance Services Get Jerry, a new, professional strip and re-spray can cost upwards of $5,000.

And for the truck thief?

According to the Law Offices of Adrian H. Altshuler and Asssociates, fines and jail time pegged to motor vehicle theft in Tennesse depend on the value stolen.

For vehicle’s between $10,000 and $60,000. This is a Class C felony. Possible jail time and fines are up to 15 years and a $10,000 fine.


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