Supercars are great, it’s their owners that aren’t.

The entire state of Florida and most of the internet have it out for a handful of supercar owners after the stunt they pulled earlier last weekend. According to the Miami Herald and Florida resident David Smith, several supercar owners purposely stopped on Florida’s Highway 1, on a stretch of road on the way to the Florida Keys, only to take an Instagram photo. Because of their selfish action, hundreds of cars lined up behind them, no fault of their own, while they waited for these pea-brain supercar owners to take their little photo.

Check out the video making its rounds below.

On any normal highway most cars could sneak by on the emergency lanes. But this overseas highway literally has no place to pull over and is largely why these supercar owners chose this location, they purposely wanted to cause an inconvenience and headache for everyone else behind them.

Check out this street view linked here to see what I mean.

One of the main supercar owners even had the ba**s to post about it on his personal Instagram, bragging to the world how honestly, he doesn’t give one care in the world what people think.

…and here are two Instagram stories he shared, echoing his feelings about what they all did.

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On one comment, this @BossmanSVJ says “It’s funny a bunch of fat f***s with little d***s are calling me names…they can all go su** my big d*** and work on improving their wealth which is more important then trashing us.

It’s safe to see no one on that particular supercar cruise is remotely sorry nor willing to admit any fault.

There are dozens of comments on this @BossmanSVJ’s post venting how poor they make the supercar community look like. @FLKeysFoodie commented, “People will be looking to spit on and key the s**t out of that.”

The Miami Herald goes onto say that although no calls were routed the local police’s way, authorities are looking into the matter. The Florida Highway patrol failed to return the MH’s comment request.

Stopping on a highway and not giving room to passing cars is in violation of Florida Statutes 316.194.

Upon any highway outside of a municipality, no person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon the paved or main-traveled part of the highway when it is practicable to stop, park, or so leave the vehicle off such part of the highway;

Time is an intangible object that cannot be brought back, and to steal hundreds of people’s time like that for your own selfish need is unconscionable.

It’s my hope karma returns to each and every one of these supercar owners, that their time be stolen as long as they inconvenience others like this.



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