When the rules say no burnouts, that means no burnouts.

Lifted truck owner Omar Becerra, who goes by @Omar_St_Cloud on Instagram, got his a** handed to him by show security and local police after breaking show rules that strictly spelled out a no burnout policy.

After Omar allegedly and slowly tried to make his way out of the show, driving off at a snails pace despite security and show staff telling him to stop, local police were called in to dole out a big slice of Texas justice. Police were caught on film whipping out their police batons, breaking Omar’s window, and dragging him out of his truck, all 5’3″ of him. Not my words but the arrest record shared by people online.

For his hare-brained actions, Omar received two Class B misdemeanors; reckless driving and interfering with public duties.

According to Versus Texas, Class B misdemeanors carry fines upwards of $2,000 per misdemeanor including up to three months in jail. Probation can be swapped out for jail time in some cases.

Anyway, here’s a handful of videos floating around on Instagram showing Omar Sam (or Sam Omar…whatever your name is) doing a burnout and being dragged out of his truck.

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Another view #freeomar

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Lone Star Throwdown is an annual truck show held at the Lone Star Expo Center in Conroe, Texas. LST describes itself as the “World’s Best Truck Show.” Any car show held in Texas over three days is, by default, going to be epically big.

The rules on their website clearly state,

No glass. No pets. No golfcarts/ATVs. No burnouts. No bands/DJs. No stock vehicles.

According to one commenter online,

…from what i heard from people their. He did a burnout. Slung rocks on people’s rides. About ran over some people. The when asked to leave. Insteaded of leaving kept running his mouth and wouldnt listens to the staff and did the same with the cops.

Dan Bridges, another witness said,

“He turned into the crowd and tried to drive around the event staff. He almost drove over my wife and 10-month-old daughter as well as a bunch of other people walking. Soudl’ve have just stopped and taken his pee pee slap like a man.”

Not only did Omar do a burnout in a crowded area and proceed to drive through a handful of people, some claim that his tires kicked up rocks and took out nearby truck windows of trucks on display. It’s not uncommon for large rocks to be kicked out by a truck doing a burnout.

On the alleged damaged truck owner’s Instagram, Omar claims that he saw no trucks behind him when he ripped a burnout.

There weren’t any vehicles behind me, I can guarantee that. I would like for you to dm me pics please.

One burnout during a three-day weekend doesn’t sound like that big of a deal to be honest. But rules are rules and although Omar might’ve thought he could get away with a tiny smoke show, the integrity of the event has to be upheld.

Did police have to break his window? Probably not. But when you insist on driving on despite repeated signals to stop, that’s all on you, bro.

Burnouts in lifted trucks at shows are all for attention. Well, how’s all that for attention.

According to Omar’s latest post, he’s taking this attention in stride.


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