Florida’s done it again, this time with a pro-Trump and pro-Israel wrap job on this Lamborghini Aventador.

There’s no denying who Israeli-American businessman Joe Zevuloni supports when he drives down the streets of Miami, his 700+ HP Italian exotic has a Trump/Netanyahu wrap job. Joe’s ride was spotted parked outside of a hotel, wrap job spotless from bumper to bumper.

Check out this one-off Aventador below.

As far as wrap jobs go, this one’s pretty legit and doesn’t look like it was slapped together on MS Paint and printed out. The driver’s side sports Israel’s PM on half of the hood with the Israeli flag and Star of David making up the side profile. The other side, with Trump’s front face taking up the other half of the hood, is probably pro-American. Both sides are united with Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan to keep America Great Again.

Joe is president and CEO of Zevuloni & Associates, a group of attorneys that specialize in insurance claims all over the United States.

Joe’s also owner of JZ Wraps, the automotive arm of JZ Ad Specialities, a promotional item business also based in Florida. You can guess where Joe got his Aventador wrapped.

This is not the first Pro-Isreal/America themed wrap job, it looks like Joe has a BMW i8 with an equally impressive livery.

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I8 Partial Wrap For IAC Israeli Independence Day Festival.

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This isn’t even the only Pro-Trump Lamborghini out there. Fans of my blog will remember the MAGA-llardo, a Gallardo with Trump-themed wrap in Pennsylvania.

Trump MAGA-themed Lamborghini Gallardo is catching all sorts of eyes in Pennsylvania

Joe’s clearly a car enthusiast not only with a fine selection of automobiles in his stable but has organized more than one parades in his local Miami to support various Pro-Israel causes.

With at least two Pro-Trump Lambos out there, I have to wonder if there’s a lot more out there. As far as I know both these Lambo owners aren’t getting paid to do this, they simply support 45 and his administration’s decisions.

Do you know of any more exotics that are pro-Trump? Let me know in the comments below.


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