These car wash workers had one heck of a time washing and detailing this small Miata only because they had to push it everywhere.

Miata driver Ayax probably won’t be taking his Miata to this car wash anymore after what he experienced the last time he was there. While waiting for his red roadster to emerge from the car wash tunnel for extra detailing, he noticed while someone was behind the wheel, two others were pushing. That’s because these car wash employees could not drive stick.

What a sign of the times. Check out the somewhat humourous video from Ayax below.

First off, props to these young men and women in the car wash service industry. There aren’t many jobs as strenuous as washing cars in all types of weather, on your feet hours on end. The very nature of this job makes it a “young man’s” game, with most hired hands not even out of high school.

These youngsters probably don’t even know how to drive stick, no fault of their own. Boomer parents and older millennials opted to stick most of their kids in automatics.

So with that out of the way, instead of risking damage to Ayax’s clutch and possibly worst, the safest bet was just to push it around, however strenuous that may be.

Thankfully, this was only a Miata and not some larger car that would’ve needed some serious grunt to get rolling.

Who knows, his Miata might’ve been the first manual car these kids have ever even seen before.

Less than two percent of new cars sold today even have a manual, that is if you can find a manufacturer that still makes one.

So, if you’re planning on getting your car detailed at one of these carwashes, if would behoove you to phone ahead to ask if their employees can drive a manual

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