Just days after Alex Choi unveiled his new Huracan build, he blows his turbos going ham on the way to Coachella.

Youtuber and all-around car enthusiast Alex Choi probably wishes he checked his turbo feed lines himself and gave them extra ugga-duggas. According to Choi off of his personal Instagram earlier today (Apr. 12,2019) his trip to Coachella was cut a bit short and it looks like he had to return to Los Angeles because while giving his newly tuned twin turbo’d Huracan the beans, a precious oil line came loose spilling oil every which way and robbing those Hiroshima Hurricanes of vital lubrication.

Check out the moment when his turbos blew below.

I am no expert in forced induction but according to my good friend that one time explained how to run oil lines to your turbo, getting oil to your Shanghai spinny-bois reliably and efficiently is one of the most important things you can do for the longevity of your turbos. Without oil and with your turbos spinning at full spool at around 150,000 RPM, things heat up and subsequently break down really fast. It doesn’t matter what kind of turbos you have with what bearings, components spinning at that speed without proper lubrication and cooling go Ka-Blamo!

According to the engine builder and tuner Sheepey Race, they’ve slapped on their Huracan SR 888-4 kit that bolts on a pair of Precision 6266 Gen 2 turbos, all the supporting mods and custom tunes your NA V10 under the hood to the tune of 800 HP. Stock, these engines put out between 570-631 HP depending on the year and trim level. And if you’re wondering, this is a $32,000 upgrade. As they say, you gotta pay to play.

Supposedly the motor is not blown (suuuuuure) and everything internal survived. You’d better believe SheepeyBuilt is going to double and triple check all his fitting when he buttons everything up this second time around.

What do you think about Choi’s crazy build? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.

Source: Alex Choi


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