If you were looking forward to watching Round 1 of Super GT 2019 from Okayama, I’ve got some bad news for you. Super GT is not extending a live-streaming service to its partners.

If you’re hyped for the 2019 Super GT Race season and live outside of Japan, in order to watch the race live you’ll either have to pay for a stream, watch it illegally, or make do with one of the race teams streaming from one of their live on-board cameras. According to “All Things Super GT” in a post on their Facebook page earlier today (Apr. 13,2019) just hours after qualifying and before the official race, they dropped news that Super GT officials won’t be working with the usual third-party live streamers allowing them exclusive access to their on-track camera feeds for live streaming to Super GT fans outside of Japan.

In more words or less, Super GT officials made it known to “Let’s go Racing” (formerly Nismo TV and the current live streamers for an English audience) as well as a handful of Super GT English speaking Supre GT Racers advocating on behalf of an international fan base that it’s not worth the effort, on their part, to grow an audience outside of Japan through these live streams.

Check out their post below.

This all is very strange given that this season is the first time German DTM and Super GT cars will be battling it out on more than one race thanks to new class regulations. In the spirit of growing the sport beyond it’s home country, it’s a decision that fans of the sport outside of Japan didn’t see coming.

Super GT Racers Nick Cassidy, Jenson Button and NISMO Factory team driver Jann Mardenborough all expressed their disappointment over the decision and implied that they’re hoping to put something together for Round 2 next month.

Button, as mentioned above, even shelled out the money for at least one race to get live streaming up for non-Japanese speaking fans last year so bless his heart. Presumably, it’s thousands of dollars each race to stream so it’s understandable how he’s upset over Super GT’s decision.

Super GT, hands down, is one of the most exciting race series on planet earth. When I was exposed to just how exciting Super GT was through Nismo TV, it’s like my eyes were opened to a whole new world of, dare I say, good racing. There was actual passing going on, cars were battling it out, there were storylines.

Super GT has reiterated that they’ll be showing all races in full on their official YouTube three weeks after the race. Thanks?

What do you think about Super GTs decision to effectively shut out its US audience? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: All Things Super GT


  1. I just bought an NSX, and began looking around for where the type is raced. Had NO IDEA Jenson was so heavily involved, both as a team owner and as a racer. After watching “Button TV” for the 2018 SuperGT season, I am completely addicted to this racing series. I think it’s fantastic, old-school racing — racing like it ought to be.

    Hey, Japanese Super-GT YouTube channel: Do you want to generate more worldwide interest in this racing series? Gee, perhaps maybe consider maybe SHOWING RACES TO MORE PEOPLE?????


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