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Okayama Super GT 2019

Super GT probably won’t live stream races outside of Japan for the 2019 race...

If you were looking forward to watching Round 1 of Super GT 2019 from Okayama, I've got some bad news for you. Super GT...

Rumor: Honda bought Aston Martin Vanquish tooling, Honda S3000 for Super GT

This latest rumor from the Temple of VTEC combines several rumors into one awesome rumor that sees Honda building an S3000, a one-off successor...
Supra Super GT

Rumor Alert: Toyota Supra returning to Super GT in 2020

This Japanese publication thinks the Toyota Supra is finally returning to Super GT racing in 2020. It's inevitable if you think about it. According to...
Super GT Round 3 Finish

Super GT Round 3 photo finish in GT300: Less than .1 sec between VivaC...

This photo finish in the GT300 class of Super GT saw both finishers in an all-out drag race to the checkered flag. If you haven't...
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