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Super GT Round 3 photo finish in GT300: Less than .1 sec between VivaC 86 and BRZ

Super GT Round 3 Finish
The GT 300 finish for Round 3

This photo finish in the GT300 class of Super GT saw both finishers in an all-out drag race to the checkered flag.

If you haven’t taken notice at some of the latest rounds of Super GT this year, this latest photo finish at Round 3 will surely pique your interest. While the GT500 finish didn’t disappoint with Nissan and Acura battling it out for second, the GT300 finish saw Subaru’s R&D BRZ and VivaC Tsuchiya’s 86 bumper to bumper in the final corners of the 65-lap 300 KM race at Autopolis. This race was especially important because 2016 saw the Super GT series skip Round 3 at Autopolis because of the Kumamoto earthquakes which struck a month before race day with the track just 30 km away. Check out the photo finish video below thanks to a couple of twitter users who uploaded the exciting conclusion just minutes after the race.


In the GT500 race, the clear winner of the day was Tom’s AU Lexus LC500 with a commanding 26 second lead over the peloton of cars battling it out for second. Keihin and Raybrig’s NSX’s edged out the pair of GT-R’s of S Road and MOTUL just barely.

But the real highlight of the day was VivaC in their 86 and Subaru’s factory team. Everyone had their eyes on both team’s for the GT300 class as both were within .6 seconds of each other in qualifying with VivaC taking their first pole position of the season. Autopolis is an 18 turn circuit and both the BRZ and 86 were feet apart from each other through turns 12-18 with the BRZ trailing. On the final turn before the straight, Subaru’s BRZ lined up directly behind VivaC’s 86 to get into their slipstream and slingshot past the 86. It was too little too late as although it looked like the BRZ was gaining on the 86, the 86 finished first by a bumper. Just .091 seconds separated the two. Arta’s BMW M6 was a distant third by 10.9 seconds.

Here’s Takamitsu Matsui and Kenta Yamashita taking the podium.

Sugo GT Round 4 is two months from now on July 22 and 23 and is another 300 KM race. It’s worth noting that VivaC Tsuchiya took first last year with this year’s team director behind the wheel that time. We won’t be surprised to see this winning team make it a back to back victory if today’s race was any indication of how well they’re working together.


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