This latest rumor from the Temple of VTEC combines several rumors into one awesome rumor that sees Honda building an S3000, a one-off successor to the Honda S2000 that will only be built in Japan.

This latest rumor from RolledaNSX from TempleOfVTEC has so many moving parts based on actual facts that it’s too good to pass up with the end product being something of beauty, a Honda S3000 with that rumored 3.0 VTEC Turbo engine I blogged about earlier last year. According to famous Honda tipster RolledaNSX on earlier this Friday (Oct. 26,2018) Honda might have its hand forced to make a Honda S3000 racecar if it wants to race in Super GT by 2020 when Class One regulations kick in.

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Super GT and DTM are two of the world’s most popular touring car championships, but, with both having steep barriers to entry for each series, some car manufacturers are tentative on participating. By combining both series during specific races and simplifying regulations for classes of cars for 2020, Super GT and DTM are more affordable for participants.

An unfortunate byproduct of these new class 1 regulations is that cars like the NSX no longer meet Class 1 regulations and can’t race in either series when 2019 rolls around.

Honda has to race in Super GT. It’s like if Ferrari couldn’t race in Formula One for some reason, they’d make it happen somehow.

Earlier this week, a mystery buyer scooped up tooling for the Aston Martin Vanquish. RolledaNSX thinks that Honda is behind that $26M purchase.

“Aston Martin is going to use the Honda 2.0T in their DTM Class 1 Racer in 2020 and Honda was going to use the same car in 2020 SGT Class 1. Class 1 cars= 100 production sales a year (that rule was aimed 100% at Honda). So are we going to see the new Aston Martin Vantage with the new Honda 3.0 DOHC V6 Turbo? Sold as Honda in Japan.”

According to, there is definitely some rumors abound about this Honda/Aston Martin partnership.

“Although the DTM’s new four-cylinder, two-liter turbo engine regulations do not appear to fit Aston Martin philosophy, speculation suggests that the cars could be powered by the Honda unit used in Japan’s Super GT series, which has identical engine rules to those that will be adopted by the DTM.”

The fact stands that Honda only has less than two years to come up with something for Super GT/DTM Class One regulations. If they really do have a partnership with Aston Martin for engines, this Vanquish Tooling business does make sense.

Underneath the hood of this Aston Martin/Honda mashup will be Honda’s rumored 3.0L VTEC Turbo V6. Not wanting to step on the toes of the Acura NSX, expect this engine to make a bonkers 600+ HP in race trim but significantly detuned for use in the production Honda S3000, which, as mentioned, Honda must sell 100 of.

Then again, Honda might not even call this a Honda S3000, that is if they don’t use a 3.0L engine. It might be called something differently, entirely.

This is a new age for sports cars. No longer do car companies have unlimited budgets to throw at niche market vehicles, the BMW and Toyota Supra collab, for example.

This is perfect, although still a rumored, example of such a collab.

Is this a Honda S2000 sucessor that will be called a Honda S3000? If not, what will they race in Super GT and DTM with new Class 1 regulations? We’ll find out soon enough!

Source: Temple of VTEC




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