This Japanese publication thinks the Toyota Supra is finally returning to Super GT racing in 2020.

It’s inevitable if you think about it. According to AutoSport Magazine in their upcoming magazine issue that’s yet to hit shelves on August 2, 2018, they think Toyota will announce the return of the Toyota Supra to Super GT. Check out their interpretation of what a Supra in Super GT livery looks like below.


If you’re not already in the know, Super GT, formerly known as JGTC or Japanese Grand Touring Championship, is Japan’s premier touring car racing series with two classes, GT300 and GT500. The Toyota Supra has a long and storied history in Super GT with four titles under its belt in the GT500 class (1997,2001,2002, and 2005.) 2006 was the last year the Supra ran a competitive season. And now, 13-14 years later, we might see the Supra in Super GT again!

Battles between NSX and Supra? Be still, my heart.

This, of course, aligns with Super GT and DTM’s class one regulation agreement they signed earlier this year. According to Motorsport, with the exit of Mercedes, this allows BMW and Audi a bit of competition in at least two exhibition races between Super GT and DTM.

From what I understand, Super GT will align its carbon fiber monocoque to the specs in DTM, and in response, to level the playing field in terms of power, DTM will switch from V8 NA engines to turbocharged 2.0 liters with peak power around 650 HP. The move hopefully makes racing affordable and competitive in their respective series and makes sure that one car doesn’t have an unfair advantage over another just because they’re from a different series.

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The Toyota Supra will definitely see a lot of racing from Toyota’s end. Even before the production Supra is announced, we already know what their racing concept looks like. In addition, the American market can’t escape this Supra’s gaping maw as its making its own début in NASCAR.

The writing is on the wall for the slew of Lexus’s in Super GT. Supra’s back and it’s ready to win some races.


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