This new Lamborghini Gallardo owner who lives somewhere around Danielsville, Pennsylvania went all out for 45 and wrapped his Italian Exotic to honor our POTUS. It’s a MAGA-LLARDO.

This Lamborghini Gallardo is turning heads all over Northampton County, PA not for its raucous 550 HP V10 but for its equally loud wrap job honoring President Donald Trump in MAGA fashion, specifically his upcoming run for a 2020 re-election.

Check out the wrap job taking the internet by storm below.

And my lamborghini MAGA-LLARDO wrap is done ! Who wants to drive over to cedar crest blvd and drive by the trump protesters that are there each week?

Posted by Bill Weiner on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

First Lamborghini I ever did #trump2020 and first selfi I ever took with a car too haha

Posted by Rev Signs on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

According to the owner Bill Weiner,

I bought this Gallardo a few months ago. I was looking for a new GTR or NSX and my friend called me about this. Deal was good, the rest is in the books.

Keen eyes will notice RevSigns.Com, the url of the wrap shop that took on this patriotic task. Revsigns is based out of Wanutport, PA.

According to RevSign’s owner on Instagram,

This is the first Lamborghini I ever had the opportunity to letter! I absolutely love how this turned out and excited to have it parked out front of our shop for the next few months.

First impressions is that this wrap job matches the character of this car pretty well. Trump is known for his self-confidence, boldness, and overall over-the-top personality. If you were to turn Trump into a car with those traits, a Gallardo wouldn’t be far off the mark.

Then there’s the wrap itself, it’s not subtle at. all. The graphic of Donald Trump on a tank is the party piece of the entire wrap job and would grab anyone’s attention when they see that graphic barreling towards them in their rearview.

You’ve also got screaming eagles on both sides with a “Promises made, promises kept” decal out back.

Trump’s not even paying this guy to campaign for him although this would make a sick campaign mobile.

If you’re wondering, all 20 of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes went to Trump in 2016, a surprise since most polls showed Pennsylvania as a blue state prior to election night.

Kudos to the owner for giving zero f***s about what anyone might think.

The farthest this blogger would go politicizing a car is a Dukakis bumper sticker on a mint Chrysler New Yorker at a Radwood show.

If you’re ever in the Northampton area, keep your eyes peeled for this Gallardo roaming about, it’s probably the most exciting car you’ll come across in the entire state!



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