If you’re wondering if one single Reddit thread can change an entire country and their Tesla owners, buckle up because we’re about to find out.

Don’t you hate it when the clock in your car is off by one hour even though you know it’s off by one hour and your phone has the correct time? It’s annoying. For six months of the year, the entire country of Turkey and all its Tesla owners must live with the wrong time in their Teslas. I know, the horror. According to a Reddit Thread that surfaced onto my feed earlier today (January 15, 2019) this single Reddit Thread is hoping to gain Papa Musk’s attention so that they can get some engineer to reconfigure an over the air update just for Teslas in Turkey.

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Please help our Turkish Tesla community reach Tesla! Entire country’s time is wrong for the past 2 years! Turkey opted out of daylight savings 2 years ago but Tesla didn’t update this on their servers so every winter our cars are an hour behind, not possible to fix. No e-mails are replied. from r/teslamotors

Like all smart devices in the world, time on devices is centralized and controlled by the device servers which get their time signal presumably via a protocol called the Network Time Protocol.

As an aside, the NTP is one of the oldest protocols on the internet, allowing servers to synchronize among themselves the correct time since 1985.

Since 2017, the entire country of Turkey has not opted out of Daylight Savings Time so to speak but has permanently stayed in summertime hours which is GMT +3. But, that means, when the rest of the world with daylight savings time falls back an hour, all Teslas in Turkey will also move their clocks one hour back but the official time in the country does not. All Teslas in Turkey now all display the wrong time.

Even my radio alarm clock in my bedroom has the option to disable daylight savings time so my clock can theoretically work in all parts of the world if I move with it so, to not disable DST as an option in a Tesla, is sort of embarrassing.

I’m curious to see how Papa Musk and his Tesla engineers will respond.

As of this writing, the thread is 13 hours old and no update from the thread starter means that Tesla hasn’t given an official response.

Several commenters on the thread do say that they’ve e-mailed Tesla on their behalf. Perhaps their extra bit of clout will be the push needed to get their clocks fixed.

Source: Reddit


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