Youtuber Danny Duncan gets himself the new IT car for Youtube, a Tesla Model 3.

Earlier last year I blogged about this idiot Youtuber who really used Honda’s suite of advanced driver assistance features, otherwise known as Honda Sensing, like it was operating on Level 5 autonomy. In other words, the man was eating a cabbage naked in the passenger’s seat with his Honda hurtling down the freeway at freeway speeds. Not cool.

But, now, at least, according to his latest Instagram posts earlier this week (Jan. 21,2019) the man’s wised up a bit and got himself a car that, while not fully autonomous, does a pretty good job at keeping its radars on the road when your eyes might not. Youtuber Danny Duncan got himself a Tesla Model 3.

Check out some of his Instagram posts with his Tesla Model 3, probably the only one in the world with hook ’em horns on the frunk below.


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Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

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I put longhorns on the Tesla ?

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As mentioned, taking a styling cue from his old Honda Fit, Danny Duncan took the bull horns off the hood of his Fit and placed them on the frunk of his Tesla Model 3, boss hogg style. And if you don’t know what horns on a Cadi look like, here’s a video showing a walk around of a replica of Boss Hog’s Cadillac convertible below.

In the article I linked above from last year, I admit, I was a bit harsh on the young Duncan for using Honda’s technology in a way that put his life and others in danger. While Honda Sensing is an ace on straight roads, throw a couple of curves at Danny’s Honda Fit and things would’ve got ugly quickly. But, as far as drivers assistance packages compared, arguably, Tesla’s Autopilot is pretty good and an upgrade over Honda’s Honda Sensing. So, while I wouldn’t recommend ghost riding the whip or riding in the passenger seat of any car with any level of driver’s assistance, if you’re going to hoon it and show off sans anyone in the driver’s seat, the Tesla is the one you want to be in.

So bravo avocado Danny Duncan on your new wheels. Love the horns.

Source: Danny Duncan via Instagram


  1. Hey it’s Danny. Just so we’re clear the Honda had no sensing or anything. Very dumb move on my part but idk I still laugh at the video. I did it as safely as I could and no one was hurt. My alignment was good.


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