A handful of Instagram accounts ID’d California Assemblyman Jay Obernolte as the mastermind behind the new exhaust law making the rounds resulting in his Instagram getting literally thousands of comments in a matter of days.

Although California AB 1824, passed last year, contained three other parts amending election, government, and military and veterans codes, it was the one section that amended the vehicle code that lit the internet on fire. The new exhaust laws put into place reinforced existing exhaust laws but took away the “fix-it ticket” and empowered police officers to slap on an at minimum $197 fine for each violation with no chance for a reduction in fines provided car owners fixed their exhaust.

Although it’s not readily apparent WHO spearheaded this bill, presumably it was a joint effort by more than one person. But, that hasn’t stopped the internet, mainly Instagram, to identify enemy number one. As mentioned, a handful of Instagram accounts are pointing their fingers at the representative Jay Obernolte of the 33rd State Assembly District as the kingpin behind this exhaust syndicate.

Here’s Jay’s Instagram post, as long as it stays public, with what has to be a record for a California assembly member, with 6,000+ comments on his latest post.

Here’s a screenshot of the opening salvo from some random car enthusiast Instagram page that led to this social media manhunt.

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And here’s one of the more popular Instagram accounts taking that DM from above and running with it, tagging the poor assembly member.


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Go look at comments @assemblymanjayobernolte

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A quick look on the bill’s history via and his name isn’t literally mentioned as the author of that particular vehicle code amendment.

And here’s a screenshot of the votes taken. You’ll notice that when the bill was first introduced, Obernolte didn’t vote. Technically, at that point, Obernolte was on our side, people!

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Obernolte did vote “yea” when the bill  passed  but arguably it was the other contents of the bill that were probably more important which Obernolte based his decision on.

I’ve copied and pasted just a hanfdul of those 6,000+ comments on his Instagram for posterities sake below.

  • “So much to say to you. But to keep it short. I’m going to vote you OFF with such pleasure! Muhuhahaha! And I don’t even have a loud car!
  • “This new law of yours is absolutely ridiculous, I hope you come to reconsider that you have lost all support from the car community which is not a small group. The people in this group that would have voted for you before will now no longer vote for you purely because you attacked something all of us in the car community love. #LongLiveLoudExhaust
  • I hope your catalytic converters get clogged on your car you SOB!
  • Oklahoma will gladly welcome any displaced hot rodders from California. Person with the loudest car gets a free 30rd magazine for their AR.

The comments go on and on and on, you get the picture.

There is a petition going around on with close to 250,000 signatures and $2,000 raised towards meetings, raising awareness, and getting the bill overturned. No updates from the petition organizer on how effective his petition is going.

I’m not saying don’t leave a comment on this assembly member’s Instagram because arguably, that’s a way to keep spreading awareness for the general public’s discontent, but keep in mind that there are dozens of other assembly members you can hound.

Sure, Jay Obernolte voted yea, but he’s definitely not this great exhaust villain Instagram has labeled him.

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