Funnyman and host of “Comedians and Cars Getting Coffee” just bought himself a mint 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo.

If you know anything about Jerry Seinfeld it’s that the man loves a good Porsche. And he’s added another one to his growing collection. As per this lovely man on Instagram who I can only assume is the owner of Top Gear Imports based out of New Jersey on his post earlier today (Jan 25, 2019) Jerry Seinfeld himself showed up at his dealership to pick up his new to him Porsche 944 Turbo. Check out a couple of photos of Jerry and some of his new Porsche below.

Since the 944 is known as one of the more affordable Porsche’s the ones still on the road today mostly have lots of miles and show it well.

For a car that only has 20,000 miles accrued over 30 years this really is a good example of the breed. As you scroll through the photos above you can see this one’s been kept in, as mentioned, mint condition.

The tale of the tape says that the 2.5L turbocharged engine makes a decent 250 HP and 258 lb-ft with all that power routed through a 5-speed manual. Weighing in at just a hair under 3,000 pounds, this 944 can hit 60 MPH in 5.7 seconds all the way up to a top speed of 162 MPH. Not too shabby for 1989.

Porsche 944s, in general, have always been a bit of an oddball when it comes to Porsches, it being front engine when most Porsches are Rear engine. And Jerry Seinfeld of all people? As I said, if you know Jerry, sure he loves Porsche’s but, as his latest Porsche only auction at Gooding from 2016 can attest, the man can buy afford some of the more expensive ones, no problem.

No word on what he paid for the 944 Turbo but a glance over at Bring A Trailer and their graph shows that he probably paid in the mid to high 20 thousand for this one.

From what I’ve heard from listening to his appearances on Spike Feresten’s podcast, this Porsche 944 will most likely be kept as it sits, unrestored and just maintained well.

Bravo Jerry on your new 944! Perhaps we’ll see it pop up on an episode of Comedians in Cars getting coffee.

Source: Porschevita


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