This Minnesota man has since retracted his offer to sell his Supra for a kidney due to legality issues but the man still needs your help.

Some people are willing to sell a kidney for a Toyota Supra but this man is doing the exact opposite, he’s willing to sell his Supra FOR a kidney. As per current Sang Vang in a desperate plea to get the word out there in a Facebook post he penned earlier this week (Jan. 25,2019) Vang was, at one point, willing to let someone come up on his Supra if they were a Kidney transplant match and they successfully went through with the surgery.

Check out his post below.

As his caption reads, he can no longer legally offer his MKIV Toyota Supra to “sweeten the pot” if there’s a potential kidney donor out there but his need remains the same, the man needs a kidney badly. If there’s anyone who needs a kidney right now, Vang’s up there. A hard-working man who supports his kids, wife, all while struggling with dialysis and failing kidneys shows you just what kind of person this man is.

I’ve looked up how Kidney transplants work, myself registered as a bone marrow transplant potential donor just to see how easy it is and the process, while not as pain-free as a bone marrow transplant, seems to be safe and fairly procedural.

I’ve copied and pasted the most important part of his post below. If you’re in his area and/or ar thinking of doing something good for humanity, consider signing up!

Looking for a healthy kidney with blood type O.

You can register to donate a kidney at
This website will take you directly to my transplant center at the University Of Minnesota.

*After registering, an email with a link should be sent to you. It will ask for your health history etc. There should be a question within that, asking for a recipient where you can choose to put my name or leave blank.

*Once you’ve completed the online screening, you will be contacted by phone from the transplant center if you are a match and passed the online screening. Thank you to everyone who is willing to do this. It means a lot to me.

I’m not saying a Kidney transplant will be something easy for you to do but I can fairly assume you definitely won’t regret it.

Source: Sang Vang


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