Japanese Drifter Naoki Nakamura shared a POV foot cam of what it looks like when he pulls off an epic drift using excellent throttle control…wearing crocs!!!

Imagine your perfect outfit for drifting and sure you probably won’t have a full-on fire suit or the latest helmet but at the very least you’ll probably put on some PUMA Speed Cats or slip on a pair of well-worn Adidas Sambas because you’ve got to feel the pedals for the all-important clutch kick into firs.. That’s all well and good but Naoki Nakamura says “driving shoes are optional!” According to a video he showed earlier today on his personal Facebook and on Instagram (Feb, 8, 2019) apparently he’s been waiting three years for this footage but here it is. The man’s drifting in crocs! There. I said it. There’s no way to sugar coat it.

Check out the video for yourself below.


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The video is titled “Naoki’s greatest technique” and I have to agree with that. The video was honestly supposed to showcase just how aggressive he initiates drifts, sends his SR20 engine into the heavens with how high he’s bouncing off the rev limiter, how much angle he throws, and most importantly, his excellent throttle control but that foot cam.

Perhaps Naoki knows something we don’t know, that a sweat-free foot is his secret sauce to killer drifts thanks to crocs or perhaps he’s just doing what he does best, drift the living heck out of anything on any course with whatever he happens to be wearing.

With a tiny course compared to what Americans are used to drifting on, keeping that SR20 in its powerband is understandable. But those shoes, what are thooooose.It’s amazing how effortless he makes it look, in crocs no less.

Pretty dope, Naoki. Thanks for showing us how you KDF (Keep Drifting Fun.)

Source: Naoki Nakamura



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