Honda is expected to announce later tomorrow that they’re shuttering operations at their Swindon, UK manufacturing plant by 2021. But, where will Honda build the Honda Civic Type R?

Sky News dropped a bomb earlier today (Feb. 18, 2019) when they announced Honda will close their Swindon car factory by 2021. This comes off the heels of an impending Brexit or the UK’s exit from the European Union. But one thing Americans are concerned with, at the moment, is the future of the Honda Civic Type R, a rare JDM and UKDM gem that we are now only enjoying.

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First of all, the fact that Honda set the closing of the factory for 2021 should clue you in on the future of not only the Honda Civic Type R but the 11th generation Honda Civic, in general. You’re getting some insider information before I officially write about it but according to, not only does Honda already have plans for the 11th generation Honda Civic, they’re already greenlighted a Honda Civic Type R variant. You heard it here first, the Civic Type R’s future is already secure, unfortunately, no matter what happens in Swindon.

As you may or may not know, 100 percent of all new Honda Civic Hatchbacks are made in Swindon, UK. Subsequently, it only makes sense that Honda would continue to make the Civic Type R, a hot-hatch derived from said five-door, where they make their hatches.

With 2021 three years away, Honda’s Swindon subsidiary employees have ample amount of time to either find work close to where they live or perhaps consider relocating. By then, Honda will either be rounding out a refresh of its 10th gen Honda Civic or will be on the cusp of unveiling the aforementioned 11th generation Honda Civic and Civic Type R variant.

When that happens, the most likely situation is that manufacturing of the hatchback and Civic Type R will find new homes, Honda’s CEO hinting at one of their North American Plants. Whoever gets that honor will not only gain thousands of jobs but will probably also make the Civic Type R.

Engine production will probably remain the same with United States workers continuing to produce turbo engines for its Civic lineup before exporting them to wherever hatches and Civic Type R’s are made.

As with most things big picture, decisions were made long before announcements like this are leaked out.

As for the Civic Type R, the world’s favorite FWD underdog and sports car slayer, its future remains with an 11th generation poised to be faster, more raw, and ready to take on a continuously hybridized and electrified era.

Source: Sky News



  1. maybe there will be no more Type R. Coupes and especially overpriced specialty coupes like the Type R do not make money for car companies. They are done for PR reasons only. When times are tough, they are cut. Car enthusiasts made a lot of noise but actually don’t represent a majority of buyers.
    When over 3,500 workers are losing their jobs all you can think of is where your spoiled brat sports coupe will be made. Really? How long did you have this delusion that you are human?


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