If you’re wondering what Modelo Time is, just check your watch.

If you go to any low-key chill car meet with your friends, enjoying some bomb BBQ, sooner or later someone’s going to do a beer run and you’re going to hear that magical phrase, “It’s Modelo Time” or “It’s Modelo time, foo.” But WHAT IS Modelo time? Like I said, all you have to do is check the time. Whatever that time is, it’s Modelo Time.

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Basically, Modelo Time can be any time. But, it’s usually used when working time is done and it’s time to relax. Just clocked out of work? That’s modelo time. Car Meet wrapping up and it’s time to chill with the homies? Also, Modelo Time. Heina’s out for the weekend? The whole weekend is modelo time, foo.

95.5 FM based out of Mexico did some thorough, thesis level research on this question for the ages and came up with some theories where this phrase came from.

Supposedy, they’re claiming it came from some @PassDaPookie fellow off of twitter, Instagram or whatever.

I mean, that’s a plausible explanation for its popularity in recent times but I reckon this phrase has been around for much longer than that.

Consider that, according to Wikipedia, Modelo is the #2 imported beer in the united states selling 22.9 million cases annually. Arguably, Modelo Beer is Mexico’s favorite American import next to GM SUVs.

At around a dollar a can if you buy a 12-pack at BevMo, Modelo isn’t particularly expensive yet, according to the Beer Advocate, “this rich, full-flavored Pilsner-style Lager delivers a crisp, refreshing taste.” For what it is, it’s an OK beer that pairs well with whatever you might be eating.

Someone, in the history of Modelo in America, muttered the phrase “Modelo Time” long before this PassDaPookie guy. Perhaps he heard it from his Dad who originally heard it from HIS Dad and so on and so forth until we reach the originator.

So, the next time you’re at a cookout with your car homies and want to lighten the mood a bit, just ask your friend what time it is. If he gives you the ACTUAL time, you correct him with a “Nah foo, it’s Modelo Time” and proceed to offer up a five to get some beers. If he says “It’s Modelo Time” you can give him a “Orale, that’s what I’m talking about.” and then get some beers.

It’s ALWAYS Modelo Time. Don’t drink and drive.

Source: KLAQ 95.5



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