This Canadian tuned Honda Civic Si just pulled off something quite amazing, hitting 53.299 seconds on the famed Tsukuba Circuit in Japan.

Update 2/24/2019: They’ve lowered their time to 53.071, the fastest FWD car ever at Tsukuba and the 5th fastest time in the history of that track. ?

The Vibrant Performance 2012 Honda Civic Si driven by William Out Young and tuned to the nines managed to pull off a time attack lap of epic proportions at Tsukuba blazing the Start/Stop line in 53.299 seconds. Also at the event was JDM Yard’s Honda Civic EG which is also tuned to an inch of the motor’s life and only managed to turn a 55.164-second lap on what I also presume to be super sticky street legal tires and not R-Compounds.

Pictures are aplenty on social media but video of the epic lap is hard to come by at the moment. In the meantime, enjoy this small video of the Vibrant Performance Civic driving by below.

This is only day one of the “Goodride presents Attack Tsukuba 2019” a presumably two-day event at the famed Tsukuba Circuit track. Young’s Civic or as he’s called on social media, PZTuningWill, is part of a special class during this event dubbed the “Overseas Class” which doesn’t shoehorn cars coming from NOT Japan into a specific race class. Also in the class are a bevy of tuner cars making much more power in FR and AWD setups.

Tsukuba is a relatively small track at just 1.3 miles long and is the unofficial benchmark for tuner cars in the area. Anything under 60 seconds is super fast and is the mark of a good tuner. Since Time Attack lap records usually allow a warm-up lap and a full-blown rolling start at speed, the advantage of RWD and AWD launches is pretty much eliminated.

The current lap record is unofficially sub 50 seconds set by HKS around the same time last year. The jury’s still out if that’s the official record since the tires used are super soft and not exactly street legal tires.

I’m sure PZ Tuning Will will be able to go even faster later today and we’ll see him lower his time even further. You have to understand how special this is. That Civic Si is ABSOLUTELY dialed in, all 700+WHP of it. He’s not exactly a millionaire carrying around spare engines so, if anything goes wrong, it’s game over for his weekend in Japan which presumably costs a pretty penny just to get there. To have everything aligning the way it is, is something Time Attack fans are only beginning to unravel.

I’m chomping at the bit to write a new article announcing a faster lap from PZ Tuning Will.

Source: Vibrant Performance


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