The greater Internet and Italian Netizens came to the defense of their local Italian police and one particular unit’s wild escorting technique.

Earlier yesterday (Feb. 25, 2019) according to The Independent, video surfaced from Ireland’s rugby team from inside their tour bus showing firsthand how the local Italian police were escorting their bus through busy Rome streets. With only one tiny Fiat Panda police unit to do the job that normally requires four or more cars, plus motorbikes, the little Fiat goes a rampage in front of the Rugby team’s bus, shooing away every single car that got in the way. It looked like chaos from the bus’s point of view and as one Rugby player referred to the police, it was “looney tunes.” Global and local media have painted the singular police unit as “wild, crazy, chaotic, unwieldy and the like” but at least people online, where this story caught fire, have come to the defense of these brave boys in blue.

The epicenter for where this video started really gaining traction has to come from Rory’s Stories on Facebook. Since he reposted the unreal footage less than 24 hours ago, it’s been seen over 5 Million times, shared over 65,000 times with more than 18,000 comments and rising. This video went viral.

Surprisingly, the top comments are from impressed viewers.

Oscar Cerretti said, “In any other country the police will place at least 4 cars to escort a bus in a huge city like Rome, but we are in Italy and one italian made small “Pandino” is able to do the same job of 4 Germans BMW.How much I love my country ??” That’s the top comment with over 1,300 likrd.

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Matteo Medly commented how, ” 1 car doing the job of 5. There’s nothing to laugh, kids.”

Matteo WahWah Hero said, “They did a priceless job with just one car! What are they laughing at? Next time maybe we’ll laugh at them, stucked inside the traffic in Rome with their bus…”

I tend to agree with all these top comments. Rome is one of the most touristy places on planet earth. Italians are notorious for their crazy driving and this bus surely would’ve been late to their Rugby match if it wasn’t for these Italian police.

Thank God there are sensible people on the internet to call out the low-key disrespect from the Irish Rugby team and heap some praise on their one-man escort team.

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