If you’re wondering what the 2020 Toyota Corolla looks like without its aero covers a.k.a. wheel covers or hubcaps, this is it.

While I actually like how the 2020 Toyota Corolla looks like, if there’s one thing you definitely do not want to do is remove the aero covers. Dealerships are receiving their crop of 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrids, and to avoid damaging the aero covers, they’re being shipped sans hub caps. Here are a couple of photos of the new 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid on dealership lots I tweeted about before the dealership put on the aero covers.

Functionally, it’s a no brainer why Toyota’s engineers equipped this Corolla with these meaty tires, they are a carryover from the wildly popular Toyota Prius. Since, theoretically, all the Toyota Corolla Hybrid is, is  Prius running gear underneath a Corolla shell, it would make the most sense to equip the Corolla Hybrid with the same everything from the Prius, including the wheels.

Regular Corollas come with a slightly larger and more aggressive 205 55 16 tire with Toyota recommending 35 PSI up front and 33 PSI out back. In comparison, the Corolla Hybrid has a smaller 195 65 15 tire size with a much higher 38 psi up front and 36 psi in the rears.

Generally, a narrower tire will provide less rolling resistance when compared to a wider tire. In addition, a smaller, lighter alloy has less unsprung mass compared to a similarly sized steel wheel, all important for squeezing out the maximum efficiency from the Corolla Hybrid’s 1.8L Atkinson engine.

I’ve also include the tire pressures as, I imagine, Toyota’s engineers have worked out a safe, higher PSI rating that works for the Corolla Hybrid, which should return the best MPG.

To make up for the gap smaller tires usually leave in modern car’s gigantic wheel wheels, just like the Prius, the Toyota’s 65 percent aspect ratio means a taller sidewall which may or may not contribute to the Corolla Hybrid’s comfort on rough roads.

The Aero covers aren’t just for aesthetics. Just as the name suggests, the flat design of the aero cover, illustrated on the press Corolla below, means wind cuts along the side of the Corolla instead of causing turbulent air with them on. Prius owners on Prius chat reckon that the aero covers are good for at least two MPG with them on compared to running the alloy wheels underneath.

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So, the next time your friend shows off their new Corolla Hybrid to you, you get to inform them of the cool alloy wheels underneath and their function.

Are you thinking of buying the new Corolla Hybrid? Do you think the alloy wheels underneath look cool? Let me know in the comments below?


  1. I own a Corolla hybrid and was considering removing the aero covers until reading your article. I like a good looking wheel and as your picture shows the Corolla wheel looks fine uncovered. But for 2 mpg I will make do with the aero covers. I purchased my car in August and with a little over 3,600 miles on it am averaging 57.3 mpg.

  2. Thank you very much for your article. I am the owner of a 2020 Corolla Hybrid. I was looking to replace the wheels with some custom aftermarket wheels until I read your article. I guess I’ll keep the stock wheels. You saved me some serious bucks.

  3. Thanks for the article, I was thinking about getting rims, now I know I have rims and a better package for maximizing miles per gallon, correct?

    • You’re welcome and you’re correct, upsizing your stock wheels to a larger size or upgrading to a new style wheel, even though it’s the same diameter, often results in less MPG. A handful of threads offering anecdotal evidence all point to less MPG when Prius or Corolla Hybrid owners attempted to change their wheels.
      Personally, I think the Corolla Hybrid wheels look A-OK and add to its fuel-sipping character.

  4. Anyone tell me what the dimensions of the alloy whell centre caps are on a 2021 corolla hybrid design.
    Some prick as nicked mine and I’m reluctant to replace them with genuine ones in case the half wits return again. there are plenty of plain blank ones on eBay and amazon that will suffice for a short time. I’ve measure the gap of inside 55mm but could be 66mm and around 15mm depth were the clips would snap over to lock them in place. rang the dealer who,have them in stock at around £13 each but were not forthcoming with the size.


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