Pandem Tra-Kyoto have done it again and released a wide-body kit for the yet-to-be-delivered 2020 Toyota Supra

Love ’em or hate ’em, Rocket Bunny kits are still alive and well and just dropped their latest creation, a full aero-kit for the 2020 Toyota Supra. That’s right, regular Joe’s haven’t even got their hands on one and Pandem Tra-Kyoto already wants you to rivet on some of their world-famous aero-pieces and call it a day. Check out a gallery of what their widebody kit looks like below.

The new Supra’s design language cribs heavily from the MKIV Supra, arguably the most popular Supra of them all. As such, this new Supra really takes advantage of large smooth curves, a flowing side profile and a rather aesthetically pleasing rear end. The Rocket Bunny kit tries its best to follow the MKV Supra’s original body design but, in true Rocket Bunny fashion, really turn up the styling to 11.

The front hasn’t been messed with much and is more a function of its widebody fenders more than anything. The side profile is where this kit really comes alive with road hugging side fenders plus integrated, hopefully functional, venting. The Piece-de-resistance is that gigantic wing at the back, reminiscent of the stock MKIV spoiler on the turbo Supras.

For a $60,000 car, this is some wild styling I can get behind and rather befitting of a car with such a rowdy reputation for supercar shaming performance and quadruple-digit horsepower numbers.

As pricing goes, expect this Rocket Bunny Aero Kit to cost slightly less than if not as much as their R35 GT-R kits, in the neighborhood of $15,000 for the entire kit.

As it stands, Supras haven’t even officially hit dealership floors and are in the early stages of ordering at least in the United States.

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The Supra made its European debut earlier this week with an asterisk, they’re already sold out for 2019. I’ve already written how some dealerships will probably use this information to scare US buyers into accepting large markups as justification.

What do you think about this new Rocket Bunny Aero kit for the new Supra? To wild for your tastes or just the right amount of crazy? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: Pandem LLC


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