If you’re a first gen NSX owner and want the looks, strength, and finish Acura’s famous 2002-2005 aluminum alloy forged wheels, this is literally the next best thing.

Acura ended first gen NSX production 14 years ago and presumably, that meant their factory NSX wheels with it. Regarded as one of their best factory wheels ever made, after the surplus of factory wheels dried up, NSX owners who still wanted a set for whatever reason were left high and dry, forced to search on the used market for a set. First gen NSX owners need not fear any longer because according to ScienceOfSpeed in an official post on their website from earlier this week (Mar. 8, 2019) they’ve somehow acquired the licensing rights to make an almost exact copy of the original 2002-2005 Acura NSX forged aluminum alloy and is now available for pre-order. Check out what these wheels look like below.

Up until 2002, the NSX remained largely unchanged except for a bump in power, since its introduction in 1989, hard to believe, really. To better bring Acura’s first supercar into the twenty-first century, a facelift was in order which included fixed headlights and these new forged aluminum alloy wheels.

Here’s an excerpt verbatim from their press release thanks to NSX Prime.

To reduce unsprung weight, and provide the highest strength possible, the engineers specified forged-aluminum alloy wheels. The result is a very light, seven-spoke wheel with the strength and impact resistance of a much heavier steel wheel. To enhance the look of the wheel for 2002, the NSX has a redesigned seven spoke design with a painted, then clear-coated finish.

These new ScienceOfSpeed NSX wheels come in the exact same sizes as these factory ones, 17×7 and 17×9 but have pushed the wheels out just a tad thanks to a slightly larger offset. That means, instead of the tucked in look, subtle at first glance on original facelift NSX, these new wheels fill out the wheel wells a bit more for that “flush offset” which is the functional style of today. Here’s the fitment chart below.

Wheel Specifications

size offset PCD CB construction
17×7.0 +55 5×114.3 70.1mm forged alloy
17×9.0 +56 5×114.3 64.1mm forged alloy
ScienceofSpeed (17 / 17)
17×7.0 +40 5×114.3 70.1mm forged alloy
17×9.0 +36 5×114.3 64.1mm forged alloy
ScienceofSpeed (17 / 18)
17×7.0 +40 5×114.3 70.1mm forged alloy
18×9.0 +36 5×114.3 64.1mm forged alloy

A special pre-order price of $1,920 for four is now available and I expect that price to increase if you wait.

Also, if for some odd-reason you want to shoehorn these staggered wheels on something else, I don’t see why not.

What do you think about these modern-day factory reproductions? Would you buy a set? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: ScienceofSpeed


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