Constant freezing and thawing of this local road in Omaha, Nebraska did quite a number in revealing how many potholes lurk underneath.

There’s little local Omaha, Nebraska Department of transportation can do at the moment with winter coming to an end and playing one last trick on local residents, melting built up ice on local roads revealing the marred surface filled with potholes underneath. Video shot earlier this weekend (Mar. 10, 2019) by Omaha resident Jason Tucker showing one of the worst roads hit by potholes has since gone viral with more than half a million views, a thousand comments and approaching 5,000 total shares, all those stats rising. Check out the viral video for yourself below.

Tucker humorously captioned the video, “Giving a whack at the Omaha Humvee challenge” and his statement isn’t far off from reality as an army HUMVEE probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea in that part of town.

Located in the Millard suburb of Omaha, the road, S. 144st., runs right through one of the busiest sections of the town as it’s a straight shot to I-275. A look on Google Maps reveals that this particular section of road, as of late, has received its fair share of pothole patching up here and there where needed.

According to Time, the average American road lasts 20 years and perhaps this piece of road probably needs replacing. Until then, a pothole crew should be out to this particular stretch of road shortly. Looking at a bird’s eye view of the map, it looks like the local Nebraska DMV is literally right next door to these awful roads. I’m sure they’ll want test takers not stressed out about dodging tire eating potholes.

If you’re a local car enthusiast with a lowered ride, I’d suggest avoiding this stretch of road as long as possible. And even if you’re in a regular car with stock shocks, I’d still recommend avoiding that area unless you want to pay for a new tire or a blown shock.

Does your area where you live have potholes this bad? Do you live in this area of Nebraska and drove on these roads? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. This isn’t the only main road that has horrible potholes, Pacific street, Maple street, Blondo and Forte street are really bad. We pay a $50.00 wheel tax for nothing all they do is patch up the holes and when we just voted to have extra money allocated to completely repair these roads! Where is the money going Omaha ???


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