Among the cars raided and collected for evidence from Guatemalan police’s recent operation was this Honda Civic Type R.

Guatemalan police are trying their darndest to stem the tide of illegal drugs making their way from their country to end users around the world so any news of a successful raid operation is always appreciated. According to and their report earlier yesterday (Mar. 14, 2019) Guatemalan police’s latest raid in the city of San Cristobal, Mixco netted authorities more than $700,000 in illegal cash and over 75 collector and high-performance cars. One of the cars prominently featured that’s been making its way around the internet shows a briefcase of cash next to this Honda Civic Type R. Check out the tweet for yourself below.

Forget the property, money, and we’ll get to the illegality of the drugs but the man was a real-deal car enthusiast. Here’s just a taste of the kind of cars they found.

The man had a wide range of likes and wasn’t really a fan of just one particular brand or extremely high-end cars. I can only imagine how hard it is to source these types of automotive gems in the middle of South America. Keen eyes will even notice a Plymouth Prowler in the mix, not a particularly popular car and readily available for sale even here in the United States for a couple thousand dollars.

In all likelihood, these cars are now the property of the state and will either be auctioned off or crushed.

It’s a sad state of affairs with this amount of wealth as evidence that making, selling, and transporting drugs en masse still pays. On one hand it’s important for police to bust this type of operation but on the other hand, in a country where the average worker makes a grand total of $1,600 a year, this glorifies the Narco lifestyle. But there’s little authorities can do about the later.

What do you think about this drug cartel Kingpin’s taste in cars? Do you have any insight into what might happen to these cars? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: SOY502


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