California police in Beverly Hills went on a ticketing spree, pulling over 300 cars for not adhering to new State license plate laws (AB-516)

Beverly Hills police were out in full-force yesterday (Mar. 13,2019) pulling over dozens of cars at a time mostly to enforce AB-516, a law that went into effect on New Years abolishing the use of temporary dealer plates. With more than 300 tickets issued over the enforcement sting, you’d think they’ve made their point, but then again, with so many violations, this is really only the beginning of getting the word out there. Check out their post below.

Keen eyes will notice I’ve put “grace period” in quotes because, as per BHPD in the comments, there never really was a grace period. Right at the stroke of midnight on Jan. 1, AB-516 went into effect and whether citations connected to that bill made the news or not, police were pulling over violators.

Sure, if you purchased your car between Nov and Dec. 2018, local police, upon proof of vehicle purchase, did cut you a break because presumably many dealerships didn’t transfer over to the new system that quickly, but, for the most part, tickets were being issued.

According to the DMV, no temporary plates or permanent metal plates gets you a $25 fine for the first offense if you correct it and jumps to $197 if you don’t. Of course, with all the fees, even with correction, expect to pay around more.

No temporary plates or metal plates because of no fault of your own is one thing but purposely not displaying given temporary plates because they look unsightly on a new car or you’d rather not be bothered with putting them on altogether is another.

I expect more of these enforcement drives from California police across the state not only to get the word out there but to crack down on miscreants who really go out of there way to avoid plate registration for whatever reason.

What do you think about this new temporary plate law? Have you been pulled over because of AB-516? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: Instagram


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