Some brave soul made this  Nautica Edition livery for the Ford Focus RS on Forza Horizon 4.

Once rebuffed as tacky and pretentious when it came out, dozens upon dozens of Rad-era car enthusiasts have grown to love and adore one of the most surprising options packages to make its way out of a Ford boardroom, the Mercury Villager Nautica Edition. And now, according to Twitter User Phillip McCarthy a.k.a. @McFlipper and his tweet from earlier yesterday (Mar. 15, 2019) he’s gone ahead and made a full-on Nautica Edition Livery on Forza 4 complete with a matching wheelset. Check out the amazing goodness that just might make its way to a scene from Fast and Furious: New Haven edition.

Taking styling cues from said Nautica Edition Mercury, this Focus RS has a lovely two-tone paint job with blue up top and white on the bottom. Going along with the popular Nautica color scheme of the time, the bottom half is further accented with a yellow stripe running the perimeter of the car. The real pièce de résistance are those wheels. McCarthy didn’t exactly copy the Villager’s original wheel design but any white wheels with an almost solid face will do. Keen eyes will note the bright blue calipers from the RS’s BBK peeking underneath it.

What results is quintessential cognitive dissonance. At first glance, this livery conjures up images of a quiet Saturday afternoon lazing around on some light schooner somewhere in Connecticut, perhaps snacking on a Crudité platter, but the badge in the rear promises neck-braking performance at speed in contrast to that relaxing nautical adventure.

Unfortunately, this is only a digital representation of what could be. Perhaps, by putting this work out into the universe, some Focus owner will be inspired to cough up a wrap job around this Nautica Edition livery. At the very least, I could see someone pulling off a painters tape job in this paint scheme.

What do you think about this Nautica edition homage? Let me know in the comments below

Source: Twitter


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